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Arthur Leao

Director, Business Operations, EOIR

Arthur Leao is the Director of Business Operations across the Legal Orientation Program (LOP), Legal Orientation Program for Custodians (LOPC), Immigration Court Helpdesk (ICH), Family Group Legal Orientation (FGLOP), National Qualified Representative Program (NQRP), and the Counsel for Children Initiative (CCI). He joined the Acacia Center in February 2022. Prior to working at Acacia, Arthur was the associate director of budgets and contract compliance at Vera’s Center on Immigration and Justice. He also previously served as an LOP provider and manager at Catholic Charities Atlanta for 10 years. Arthur was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and grew up in Atlanta. He obtained a BA in economics from Emory University and an MBA from the University of Scranton. He is proficient in French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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