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Technical Compliance Program Manager

Mireya Moreno-Rodas

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Mireya Moreno Rodas is a Technical Compliance Program Manager at Acacia Center for Justice. She originally joined Vera as a Senior Program Associate in June of 2019. Mireya is an licensed attorney in Mexico and New York. She has an LL.M in U.S. and Comparative Law from Fordham University School of Law. Throughout her career, Mireya has always been passionate about the respect for human rights and the effective enforcement of the rule of law. She has been involved in the immigration field by engaging with different U.S. organizations, particularly, in their efforts to provide immigrants with legal assistance and representation in their removal proceedings. In Mexico, Mireya worked as senior researcher in the Center of Research for Development (CIDAC), one of Mexico’s oldest “think tanks,” where she managed and participated in several projects to evaluate different aspects of the criminal justice system. Her work at CIDAC focused on empowering local civil society organizations by providing technical assistance to help them oversee the effective operation of the criminal justice system in their own states. Mireya also worked as a Director at the Federal Police, in the department responsible for the implementation of the accusatorial system. While in this role she participated in the development of the training program for police officers and worked in synergy with other government entities in the related decision-making process.

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